White good repair by Wasautomatenverhuur.nl

Did you know that a defective white goods appliance does not have to be replaced immediately? In many cases it is cheaper to have a white goods repair carried out. A repair is cheaper and means that you can enjoy your white goods for many years to come. Wasautomatenverhuur.nl is your specialist in the field of different types of white goods. Think of washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers. You can have a white goods repair carried out by our professionals for almost any white goods appliance! It does not matter whether you are already a customer of Wasmattenverhuur.nl, or whether you do not know us yet. Customers who rent white goods from us often pay nothing for the white goods repair. Maintenance on the rented machine is part of our contract.

We repair white goods of all white goods brands

Our technicians have experience in repairing white goods of almost all brands. Brands that we often encounter when carrying out a white goods repair include LG, Miele, Samsung, Siemens, AEG and Bosch. Devices of these brands are of a high quality. However, wear of a small part can already mean that the device can no longer be used. By replacing this part, you can enjoy your white goods for years to come. In addition, replacing individual parts sometimes costs no more than a few tens. A very economical choice, which makes an investment in a new refrigerator, washing machine or, for example, dishwasher unnecessary.

Have business white goods repairs carried out

Wasautomatenverhuur.nl not only helps private individuals to repair a broken white goods appliance. We are also happy to provide assistance to business parties. In addition to the repairs we carry out on white goods, we also offer professional washing machines for rent from business parties. For this we work together with LDL Laundry. A renowned company in the field of washing machines and dryers. Together with this party, we provide the business market with high-quality appliances from brands such as Electrolux, Primus, Miele, IPSO and Merker.
We can repair devices of these brands for you in the event of a defect. It prevents you from having to invest directly in a new washing machine or dryer. High costs are saved this way! The speed with which our technicians work means that you will never be without white goods for long. In large student complexes in particular, it would be extremely annoying if a washing machine or dryer does not work for a long time. This results in dissatisfied residents, which Wasautomatenverhuur.nl is happy to help you avoid.

Costs for a white goods repair

It is often difficult to say in advance what a white goods repair will cost you. This is highly dependent on the type of defect that occurs. It may pay to first pull the plug from the socket yourself. A reset of the device is sometimes enough. Doesn't this work? In that case, our technician will perform an analysis for you. An inventory is made of where the problem is, which parts need to be replaced and what costs this entails. Based on this analysis, we will discuss with you whether a white goods repair is worthwhile. In exceptional cases, it is wiser to replace the device. By giving honest advice about this, you never pay more than is necessary for a defective white goods appliance.

It is also possible that a broken white goods device cannot be repaired. This is the case, for example, when coolant leaks into the refrigerator. A repair of this would entail major health risks. In this case, we can offer you a new or used device. This way you will never be without a washing machine, dryer or, for example, a dishwasher.

Professional mechanic at white goods repair

We think it is important that you are assured of a professional execution of a white goods repair. You want to prevent a defect from occurring again shortly after the repair. For this reason, Wasmattenverhuur.nl only works with professional mechanics. These technicians have years of experience in carrying out various types of white goods repairs. Not only does this mean that a defect usually does not occur again quickly. The professional technicians can also provide you with expert advice in advance. You know exactly what is defective, what the repair will cost and which parts will be replaced. No unwanted surprises! It is not for nothing that we have already helped many satisfied customers with a professional white goods repair.

Contact us for a repair

Are you curious whether we can also repair your broken white goods appliance with a white goods repair? Do you want to know whether it pays to buy a new refrigerator or washing machine, for example? Let our technician visit you to perform an analysis. Based on this analysis, the technician can advise you on the most cost-effective solution in your situation. You can also immediately schedule a white goods repair if you currently have a broken white goods device. We will visit you as soon as possible to solve the problem!