Which (white goods) appliances can you rent?

You can rent various white goods at Wasmattenverhuur.nl Groningen. Renting is a great solution if you live in a student house. It is a major investment to buy all appliances yourself, especially white goods from top brands such as Miele, Samsung? AEG, Bosch or Bauknecht. In addition, you will regularly have new roommates. The easiest and cheapest way is to rent your machines together at a low monthly rate. View our wide range of washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers and gas stoves.

Washing Machines for Rent

With us you can choose from a basic, advanced or occasion washing machine. The machines vary with a filling weight of 5 to 8 kilos, 1200 to 1600 rpm and are supplied in various A brands such as LG, Miele, AEG, Beko and more. The basic washing machine is very easy to operate and very popular in student houses for small laundry. Every roommate can do the laundry. If your student house provides more laundry or if you want more functions, the machines in the basic and advanced categories offer a solution.
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Our Rented Refrigerators

It is important that your fridge keeps the beer cold for those pleasant student evenings. For the shared kitchen we offer refrigerators in the format of 154 cm and 184 cm from brands such as Bauknecht and Beko. You can save space in your own room by going for a table model with or without a freezer compartment.
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Which Dishwashers Can You Rent?

The dishes can add up quite a bit in student houses. After long lectures, shopping and cooking, you usually don't feel like washing the dishes for half an hour. Our dishwashers help you get rid of that problem. We only supply dishwashers from renowned brands such as Candy, Scancool, Asko or Bauknecht.
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Rent a dryer: condensation or drain dryer?

Not everyone has enough space to dry their laundry somewhere for a few hours. It quickly gets in the way and a tumble dryer offers a solution. With us you can choose from a standard drain dryer or a condenser dryer, which are always supplied from one of the A brands such as Miele, AEG, Bauknecht and more. The drain dryer dissipates the heat to the outside through a drain hose, is slightly more economical in use and your laundry is done faster. The condenser dryer removes its moisture from the air and this is collected in a condensation tray. Ideal if you don't have a water outlet.
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