For less than €12 per month you can rent your tumble dryer including installation and maintenance. If you also share the costs with your housemates, you can get a dryer from a top brand such as AEG, Indesit, Zanussi or Miele for just a few euros per month. You should of course take into account that a tumble dryer consumes electricity and these costs may be passed on to the tenants. But of course you can also share these costs. Renting a tumble dryer means you don't have to dry wet laundry indoors and you can put your clothes back on the same day if necessary.

Renting a tumble dryer, it's so easy

It is not easy to dry your laundry in all student rooms. A drying rack takes up a lot of space, drying the laundry outside is often not possible. Of course you can take your laundry with you if you go to your parents on the weekend, but many students like to be independent and do the laundry themselves. So if you decide to rent your dryer, you can do it all yourself.

Depending on your living situation, you can choose a dryer with an outlet to the outside or a condenser dryer. If you are not sure whether a dryer can be placed in your room, we can come and see what is possible in advance.

The monthly amount for renting a tumble dryer depends on the zip code of your home address. In addition, the price decreases the longer you rent. A three-year lease is cheaper per month than an annual contract. You can of course also rent together if you live in a student house with several residents. One person signs the contract, but you use the dryer together and share the costs. That makes a significant difference in the amount you spend per month. If you are moving house or have finished your studies, you can cancel the contract subject to 1 month's notice.

More information about renting a tumble dryer

If you want to know more about the possibilities of renting a tumble dryer, you can look at the website. You can of course also contact our company directly with your question or make an appointment directly to have a tumble dryer installed.

With us you can always rent a dryer quickly, easily and cheaply. We have two branches, namely at Cuxhaven 5B in Groningen and at Borgweg 29 in Zeerijp. Would you like to rent a tumble dryer and are you curious about our options? We are happy to inform and advise you. You can contact us without obligation by sending an email to info@wasmattenverhuur.nl or by calling 085 – 273 1994.

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