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Table model refrigerator

Rental prices per month

  • Duration (years):

  • Price:

  • starting from - p/m

  • Delivery costs:


  • Dimensions
    560 x 580 x 850 mm(bxdxh)
  • Height
  • Weight


 It can be a challenge for students to make ends meet every month. Tuition fees, study books, renting a student room and evenings with friends place a heavy burden on a student's wallet. What do you do when your laptop or refrigerator unexpectedly breaks down? You may not have the budget to buy a new device right away.

This is not necessary in the case of white goods; Renting a refrigerator is a good alternative. When renting a refrigerator, you have the option of a fridge/freezer combination and a smaller table model refrigerator. Which of the two models do you prefer?